Tribe Ratings

To make it easy for consumers to browse home automation devices and immediately know their Shabbos compatibility, we have created a rating system.  Each device we review going forward will be rated on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest rating for Shabbos compatibility.

Tribe Tech Review Ratings:


Tribe Rated 1 – Device is problematic according to many opinions without any practical options of disabling or powering off for Shabbos

Tribe Rated 2 – Device can potentially be used on Shabbos but only by manually turning off significant functionality each week.

Tribe Rated 3 – Device must be unplugged by setting an external smart timer to address Shabbat concerns

Tribe Rated 4 – Shabbos compliant with native or Third-party integration (I.e. IFTTT or HUB)

Tribe Rated 5- Device is Shabbat compliant when out of the box without additional actions necessary for Shabbos use.

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