iMinyan – The Internet Minyan

I am pleased to introduce the first Orthodox three times daily Internet Minyan (iMinyan) live streamed. While in these times it should be obvious why this is needed, even in ordinary times there are numerous people that would like to partake in a  minyan but are medically or otherwise unable to.  The iMinyan will be broadcast live daily with the ability to hear the full teffilah for the day including Kaddish, Chazoras H’Shatz, Kriyas Hatorah, Hallel etc. For Halachic reasons, there will not be any replays (live only) and of course no broadcasts on Shabbos or Yom Tov. When joining this minyan, one does not count toward the minyan and cannot say kaddish or lead the tzibbur, however, you may respond Amen to the brachos and to devarim she’bekdusha (kaddish, kedusha or Barchu) of those who are together making the minyan. For additional halachic parameters, please consult your personal Rav.

This minyan is sponsored in memory of Miriam bat Betzalel Yehuda A’h.

Click on the player to view the latest schedule and updates for Chagim etc.

Live Internet Minyan


Shacharis (Kavanah Minyan) – 7:15am (Mon-Fri); 8:00am (Sun) EST

Mincha – 1:45pm EST

Maariv – 6:00pm (Mon-Thu) ; 9:00PM (Sun) EST

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